Want an image to display your current uptime for the server?
or even server load, or check HTTP, FTP, POP3 ports and display
if they are working?? or even a countdown, or something else?
then you have come to the right place..

I can design the images with your logo ect... custom colors?
they can be any height/width colour ect...


Server requirements for these images are::
GD Lib

These images may be used on any site.. could even be used
as a forum signature? could be sent in e-mails to show how much
uptime your server has? they have many uses!

Have your own made for only $5 USD.
Payment Via Paypal or Moneybookers.

How To Order?
Well you can ether e-mail me::
MSN Messenger::
Or PM Me!

Please include such details of what colors you would like it to be,
logo ect... I will the create a few images for you to see and then
you can chose what ones you like and purchase for $5 each image.

Richard Simpson