Hello, I'm new to this site. Need some advice on server allocation. I have the following existing server:

Dual P3 800, 2 GB, 1 x 18GB IDE

We currently have Win2k Server, IIS 5, SQL Server 6.5, ColdFusion MX installed in it pushing a site with 90GB traffic, 3 million dynamic pageviews. Server can handle traffic well. We are expanding and purchasing the following server:

Dual Xeon 3.0, 4 GB, 3 x 146GB 10k SCSI RAID 5, Redundant Power

I was planning on moving IIS and CF to the new box and leaving the old box for the DB but realized that probably doesn't make much sense. Now I am thinking of putting the DB in the new box and upping the old box to RAID 1 to host the OS/IIS/CF... Maybe putting CF in the new box also.

What do you guys think? Should I just retire the old server and migrate everything over the new server? The site will be doing heavy audio streaming over http. Thanks.