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    Fanpage Hosting starting at ($3.95/mo) $47.40/per year, domains $5.95

    2500MB storage
    40GB of transfer
    ($3.95/mo) $47.40/Annually

    4000MB storage
    60GB of transfer
    ($7.95/mo) $95.40/Annually

    All domains $5.95/year

    Features Included
    Custom MX and A records
    Online website builder - Site Studio
    FrontPage Extensions support
    Advanced Control Panel

    POP3 e-mail accounts
    E-mail aliases
    Mailing lists
    SPAM filter
    E-mail filter
    Anti-Virus protection
    Web e-mail
    POP3 server
    SMTP server
    Autoresponder e-mails
    Catch-all e-mails
    E-mail forwarding

    MySQL databases
    Perl support
    PHP support
    PHP support in HTML files
    Over 3400 Perl modules
    Crontab support

    Instant account activation
    SSL with certificate generation
    SSI support
    SSH support Optional Optional
    Unrestricted bandwidth

    15 days Money back guarantee.

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    When you say Advanced Control Panel do you mean CPanel, or is it your own ver. of it?

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    its just like CPanel but isnt the one from
    there is a control panel demo available on the site.

    most of the features in the demo control panel are
    disabled for security reasons.

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    Actually that control panel looks really nice.

    Better than what I expected anyway.

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    we are thinking about accepting "money orders" soon.

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