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    Busy? What do you exactly do when your busy?

    Im intrested.. Do you have a busy schedal? What exactly fills up your day? What do you do all day on your busy shedual?

    Im instead to know, for me.. It's working, school, working, eat, sleep. so forth!

    Whata botu you?


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    What's with the spelling? =p

    It's "schedule"

    My busy schedule - sit here and post on WHT all day - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    Well excuse me, not everyone here as perfect spelling Im sure of it and we may make mistakes while typeing fst?

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    Being busy is just an excuse

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    Originally posted by nashman
    Being busy is just an excuse
    I used to think the same thing... before I became busy

    My day generally consists of:

    - Wake up
    - Feed Cats
    - Clean Apartment
    - S.S.S
    - Begin work for couple hours
    - Eat / Smoke break for half hour or so
    - Then keep working, relaxing, playing with cats, etc, etc for rest of the day.

    I love my schedule

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    - Watching movie
    - Working
    - Posting in Forum
    - Playing Games
    - Managing forums

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    when you are busy you work hard, thats how busy is!

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    What does S.S.S stand for?

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    S**t, Shower, Shave

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    Oh lol... I see thanks.

    No wonder I couldn't find it on

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    My week consists of about 20 hours at college, another 20 doing my homework, and another 40 hours at work.... kinda busy :-p

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    sh__ shower and shave LOL, thats funny. my dad use to say that.

    my week consists of about 20 hours with one boss doing computer stuff, another 20 hours with another boss doing remodeling stuff, then about 20-30 hours with my home employers.

    I like it, tho I would like to be able to sit at home and have the freedom like I do with my home employement.
    I am here. Did you need something boss? I'm just knocking out your tickets and live chats correctly and fast as possible while monitoring the servers and their services and admiring all the blinky cage lights. Just message me if you need any help.

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    > Wake up (2PM)
    > SSS as Mekhu kindly said
    > Boot up PC's
    > Check staff are at offices
    > Check voicemail
    > Browse net and occasionaly check up on staff
    > Appear in office for night shift and attempt to stay awake till 6am then repeat the process.

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    I wake up 6:45 AM, go to school, unless i cut, which is every other day, I stay home, watch movies, and I am developing a forum system, so I can say I am investing in a business all day everyday. But besides that, I watch seinfeld 2 times a day, everyday, on Sundays and Saturdays I watch alot of tv. That's about it, I never do homework, and never intend to.

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    Spend most of the day studying/coding/managing servers. Only time I watch tv is when I get on my exercise bike for 60 minutes every other day ... and yeah of course when I watch movies with my friends.

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