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    domain, redirects, & hosting question

    not sure if this is the right place to post this.. but here goes..

    i'm creating site with a rather long domain name. i've found an abrevation of the domain name that i also intend to register, and i'd like traffic to either domain to all go to the same site. i'd also like to be able to send and recieve email from both domain names.

    what all do i need to do, to do that? register both domain names, i'm sure.. but what about hosting? do i need two hosting plans? and i've never done any "redirecting".. is that just like a javascript or maybe a php code thats placed on the index page? and if its a complicated script, anybody know of any good tutorials on how to do it?

    i'm hoping some of you guys could clear this up for me, or point me in the right direction!!

    thanks a zillion!!

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    What you are inquiring about is all too common, that is simply an aliased domain, meaning apache reads both domains as going to the same place on the web server. Most (if not all) control panels support this. As far as email on both domains you will want to get a multiple domain account more then likely so you can setup mailboxes on each domain individually.

    As far as what you are asking for, in a word no it is not hard to get or come accross many hosts allow this.

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    Go to a hosting company that let`s you host both your domains on the same 'place" (most hosts with cpanel will do ...)

    for a php redirect make a index.php containing only these lines:

    header("Location: yourotherwebsite");

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    Most of the hosting company today offers domain redirections. You are just required to confirm from the company whether or not they allow the domain redirection or not. If they do then you can simplly have the domain hosting account with one domain and set a redirection to the parked domain to the main domain or ask the host to add an allias for your main domain in the appache entry or httpconf files.

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    All true, just remember search engines do not like redirected links.

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    I want to bring up another option if your redirection needs are simple. When you register your domain, every decent registrar I know of allows you to set up domain redirection within the domain control panel. In other words, you would not have to worry about setting up domain redirection for thee domain if it was just going to redirect to as an example. You could purchase e-mail services from the domain registrar but the main domain would be hosted at the web host.

    If you have a host that allows you to host more than one domain (bluehost, site5, etc) then it's cheaper and easier to set up both domains at the host. If your hosting plan allows only one domain to be hosted it may be cheaper to go with paying separately for e-mail on the extra domain.

    Personally, I would go with a shared plan that allowed you to host at least 2 domains.
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