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    Remote desktop /console reboot issue

    I'm having an issue with one windows machine. We're trying to login remotely with a console session:

    mstsc /console

    However, whomever login , as soon as it starts 'applying settings' the server reboots. There is nobody else connected , and no local sessions active.

    Tried it many times with different usernames, and as soon as someone login with /console , the server reboots.

    Event Viewer is not showing any reason why the server rebooted!

    Regular remote desktop works fine. It is only the /console option doesn't work.

    this is Win2K3 std. anyone had similar experience ?
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    That is an interesting one. Give this shortcut a try. I use this to connect to the console session of all of my windows boxes.

    %SystemRoot%\System32\mstsc.exe -v:"IP/hostname here" /F -console

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