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    PR3 Gaming Related Site Banner Slots

    I have 4 banner slots open for the month of May on my site.

    It is a PR3 site and you can see the AW-Stats pictures for the site traffic. We have 5900 users at the time of this post and we add ~100 per day. Banners are displayed on every page except the bit torrent page with is under construction.

    April was down because of a move to a new server/bandwidth package as you can see from the monthly transfer amounts.

    Right now we are only doing banners and not adding any skyscrapers.

    You will have an account you can login to and check stats on your ads.

    That is the stats from the new server.

    That is before the server move.

    Is the signup link with pricing information.

    Monthly recuring prices with unlimited clicks/impressions availible on request.

    Thank you for your time.

    If you have any questions I can be reached here or at [email protected]
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    Hello. Do you have AIM or MSN, or Yahoo? I am willing to purchase now.

    Anthony B.

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