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    ClickBank's approval system

    After reading through ClickBank's web site I have to admit that I'm a little confused about their approval process. What's more frustrating is that it isn't clear where to email questions prior to signing up. Also, there seems to be no way to contact them by phone (if you have a number would you let me know.)

    The way the site is written it looks like you need approval for each ebook that you plan to sell. Or is it that only your web site needs to be approved? CB is not specific as to the wording that is required regarding their status as a reseller--or if it is required at all.

    If you've dealt with CB please help me understand the approval process for the web site and ebooks. What do they look for on the web site? Do you need to submit each ebook for prior approval? How long does the approval process take? Do they make direct deposits to your bank account (they mention checks, but do not clearly state anything about direct deposits.)

    Any advice you have about CB is greatly appreciated.
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    I would guess that it is only the website that will need to be approved.

    But you should ask them, to make sure you get the right answer.

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    Originally posted by trinitron
    But you should ask them, to make sure you get the right answer.
    They don't exactly direct potential customers as to where they should address such questions.

    Part of the problem is that I'm using an Automatic Payment System with the ebook, which means the user clicks the buy link inside the ebook after it has been installed on their hard drive. It complicates the approval process and they aren't making it easy to contact them as to how to handle the matter.

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    Yeah, that surely doesn't make it easy for you Storyman.

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    You cannot use CB for this type of setup.

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    Originally posted by rondo
    You cannot use CB for this type of setup.
    There isn't anything in their TOS and I have seen it used by several others.

    But, if it is a problem I'll just go the other route.

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