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    I'm new to this and need direction...

    Hello everyone!

    I have inherited a hosting company (well, I'm working it off) and the current provider we use has been down a lot lately and we're losing customers. Besides, they use the H-Sphere control panel and I prefer CPanel.

    I'd like to move my clients off of our current provider, to a new provider that uses CPanel.

    Who does everone like? We have less that 1000 clients right now but I plan on being aggressive with marketing and hope to expand on that number. So, I guess I need to know who does everyone like that provides CPanel hosting and has the capacity to handle our growing needs?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Moving to cPanel could be the worst possible choice you could make.

    Your clients already use H-Sphere, why make them learn a new panel?

    A bigger issue--H-Sphere handles your billing, cPanel doesn't. You'd have to migrate billing aswell.

    Not to be rude, but do you know what you're doing?

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    No, I don't know what I'm doing, but I am a fast learner. That's why I'm here. I have read and gathered information, but I'm trying to piece together what will be best for my clients in the long run. Our current provider has 80% uptime stats and that will not do.

    Getting a reliable provider--that has both good rates and a good reputation is paramount.

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    Do you really have close to a thousand clients?

    If you do, PM me after five posts and I can list a handful of companies you can contact about getting your clients managed.

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    I use CPanel and it's excellent. We all have our own different options but I would highly recommend CPanel a lot of hosts use CPanel now. It's well easy to control and add extra features etc.

    I have a reseller with who users CPanel.

    I hear plesk is good, I can't keep up with it all

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    I use cPanel,but if I had several customers using HSphere I would leave them alone.
    anytime you go to moving customers around you lose some and if you going to switch control panels to boot ...
    well it just might be more than a few.

    let them alone. go Cpanel on next server

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    After reading more of these posts it seems like it'd be best to put our NEW clients on a fresh CPanel server and keep the others where they are.

    I wish the previous owners would have chosen a different provider and a better control panel. H-Sphere is not a good experience.

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    Cpanel may be good but the current customers signed on probably because they want H-Sphere hosting. Moving them to an unknown territory would indeed alienate them and you probably see more leaving you really soon.

    What is important is communication. Do not check with us what to do, the best move is to write to your customers and tell them what you want to do and give them an overwhelming reason to change from H-Sphere to Cpanel. Your preference for Cpanel should not be the mitigating reasons.

    Give your customers an option to stay with H-Sphere or to move to Cpanel. Give them the advantage and disadvantage of both. Of course, tell them what would happen during the change over and what would work and what would no longer work and what downtime and extra work would be involved to make the transition possible. To sweeten the deal to switch, you could offer them a month free hosting for their pains or something.

    If you believe it is because H-Sphere is causing the downtime then tell them that moving to a new server with Cpanel would give them better uptime. Work with each customer individually and try to accommodate them as much as possible.

    Remember that customers are important to your business no matter how much money they bring it to you because without them, you will not have a business.

    If you cannot accommodate H-Sphere then you might want to work with another web host which does and work with a deal to migrate those who want to stay with H-Sphere over.

    Personally, I would keep the current customers as it is and offer new customers Cpanel as their control panel. Then offer the current customers the option to move to Cpanel if they want to.

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    Thanks eddy2099.

    Once I get more familair with administering the current system, I will work on communicating that to our clients.

    In the meantime, I'll continue browsing for a managed hosting provider that has better uptime stats.
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