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    WTB: Image Hosting Script

    Post what you have... and preferably a list of features... If its turnkey thats fine... if its custom thats fine... please specify... If you are required to sell a domain with it like prozilla, please specify dont care how crappy a domain it is, I really just need a script for a site im starting. Thanks.

    ps. Would prefer if the script had a browsable directory of all pics as well as registered and nonregistered uploads.
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    Don, take a look at this script, I use it and its great - short URL service

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    it has free accounts and paid accounts. it is a little buggy right now but works. they have a support forum and version 2 should be coming out sometime soon and be even better than the current version

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    I have my own custom uploader :
    Script is for sale, please PM me if you are interested.

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    984 Don't bother, the developer for that vanished after taking folks money for a new version. *If* he comes back, he has a lot of explaining to do.

    The WebmastersAdvantage script is a good one.

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