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    Gaming Site ( NEED $200 to spend )

    Hello all

    I know this is asking a lot but I have $200 maybe $250 if I can get hold of some more money.

    I have a business at the moment which I am doing a lot of work for someone who just orders a product.

    I am looking in to have a brand new site designed and fully coded I know I havenít got that much money but am after someone who is basically looking 2 build there design work up and make a bit of cash out of this at the same time.

    Basically just seen this site and want something along them lines. url =

    And am after the whole site content fully done and I want so when I can update the price of a server all I have 2 do is logon 2 a site and change the price and submit this.

    When someone orders a server I wish to make it so all they have 2 do is click order fill out some server details and there email address nick name and so on and then once they select the best payment method it takes them 2 say pay pal or nochex or to a page on how to pay by cheque or cash, and then I get a email saying there has been a order with the details and they get a redirected to pay pal say with the amount they need to pay ( a ready made form for them ) or nochex

    I canít state how much that I only have $200 to do this so if someone can do this please contact me ASAP.

    Also there is a week to do it in as I need 2 starts making some money.  Also can offer them a free yearís web hosting domain name and a gaming server

    As you see a log in button and part on the banner I donít really need a login button as all questions and help will be done over email.

    Thank you.

    Contact me via pm or on here all designers must have work i can view before a go ahead.

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    I'm interested in this project. Please contact me with more information.

    Thank you
    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.

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    Hello, I'm interested in doing the design aspect. I can create a layout on the same calibur of the one that you posted for around $75-100. If you're interested, let me know. Thanks.

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    if you contact me via pm i can give you my msn address thank you.

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    Hi I am also very interested, please add me to MSN Messenger, msn @ fiveinteractive dot com
    Affordable Web Design From
    MSN:[email protected]

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    I would recommend TimLowe, have done business with him in the past and he has been great..

    Kind Regards.
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    We find this job very intresting and are open to take this job to give the best service we can provide. We are a mature Webdesign/Graphic Design duo located in Belgium & Sweden. We own a deep feeling for designing & great knowledge of PHP/ASP/.. programming. We are very reasonably in payment, never would we overcharge our client or what so ever. Graphire Designs has vast experience in all areas of these sort of development, We have completed numerous Webdesign projects. Please, see our website to evaluate our design skills. We will be be more than pleased to hear back from you. We have extensive web design and development experience, and have provided solutions to customers for simular sectors in the past. We look forward to a great association with you.

    You may view our portfolio at:

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