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    Can I sell reseller accounts?

    Hello everyone,
    I am looking to start a web hosting biz. I am going to start out with a xeon dedicated server with cPanel and WHM. For billing software, I think I am going to use WHM Autopilot or ModernBill. If I want to sell reseller plans, do I have to purchase more licenses for cPanel, WHMAP or Modernbill or Fantastico? What kind of features can I offer to my resellers? I have an $8.20 enom domain account, can I have my resellers automatically go through my account and pay $8.95, thus giving me the .75 and have that done automatically? Can someone help me? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    This is a difficult question.

    You don't need more cpanel/whm licenses.

    Fantastico I don't believe you need additional licenses.

    WHMAP you need only one license for your site. However, if you want to give reseller clients WHMAP or modernbill you need to purchase more licenses.

    Not sure on the enom account from what I can remember you can't do that but things may have changed. Check enom's site for more recent information particularly the reseller FAQ section.
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    I would take notes from DIYhosting. They have truly revolutionized what it means to be a reseller hosting provider. Board Hosting Directory
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    it depends on how you buy your licenses. You can buy unlimited or limited. Reseller accounts count in that calculation. As for charging for enom domains, you can charge what you want and you will still be charged the 8.20. So you can do what you want with the 8.95. ModernBill will handle that for you.
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