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    If I purchase a dedicated server with cPanel/WHM, can I sell reseller accounts?

    Hello everyone,
    I am looking to start a hosting company, and I am going to start out with a dedicated server with cPanel and WHM. I am going to be using WHMAP or ClientExec for billing. Can I sell reseller accounts, or do I have to purchase more liscences of cPanel or something? Also, what kind of features could I offer with my reseller accounts? If I have an $8.20 enom account, can I have domains be bought through my account at the price of $8.95? If someone could help me out, that would be much appreciated.

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    Chris Polis

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    Who will manage this dedicated server? If you have a dedicated server with whm/cpanel you can create reseller account without any additional licenses. (1 of the many benefits of having a dedicated server with whm/cpanel)

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    Hey Chris,

    Yes just like aingaran said, you can create and sell reseller accounts along with shared accounts through your dedicated server. You will also be able to choose which features you want to offer with the packages like number of FTP accounts, subdomains, MySQL databases etc and of course the disk space and bandwidth limits. But just some advice if you havent used a dedicated server before and arent familiar with how it works, you may want to start off on a reseller yourself or if youre set on getting a dedi then make sure it is managed. It will make things much easier!

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    WHM enables you to create unlimited (bound by server limits of course) reseller accounts.You need not pay for additional licenses. 1 license covers the whole server.

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    If you want to sell the domains with/without the hosting packages I suggest you try a billing system like ModernBill. Good luck!
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    u can do yes. but make sure that you have the rights to use cpanel and whm as u have to pay monthly for theses

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