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    Valueweb Sucks *rant*


    I was considering changing servers the pas few week and I've been putting it off. To my dismay, today my dedicated servers HDD failed, so they tell me. They've installed a new HDD and have asked me to login again and setup my websites (around 10). Thing is, I never used a backup system or anything.

    So, anyone suggest a decent dedicated servers host with automated backups? Relatively cheap please.


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    Whats this got to do with valueweb? Its down to your stupidity.

    You must get a second HDD and get your own remote backups or something. No host takes this responsibility.

    Thanks again for your worthless post
    It's Scott!

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    It's not their job to backup your sites on YOUR dedicated server. You should have been doing that yourself. You should look into a fully managed server if you want everything done for you.

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    I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. It is unfortunate that a drive can fail sometime.

    Depending on what type of control panel you have, you can create an automatic backup by having second drive be the backup drive. You can also have 2 mirroring drives using RAID-1 system (2 drives working in parallel that mirror each other). With RAID-1, if one drive failed you still have the other one running. Depending on the RAID configuration, you can also rebuild the drive on the fly so you will have no downtime.

    The most economical solution will be to have the second drive added to your server just like camers and DedicatedPlace recommended. Then set a backup cron job to store all the necessary data to rebuild your main drive in case of emergency.

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