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    [PARTNER] Web Designer Needed


    I have posted a couple times, requesting a programmer and designer to be included in a large scale partnership in creating a social networking website. I have found my programmer, but now require a designer. Once selected, you will be required to sign a partnership agreement which will secure your 10% ownership and profit sharing in the company.

    You will be required to work closely with the programmer in creating the website and company image in the initial stages of development, and thereafter performing minor administrative graphics tasks as required by the company.

    Once the website is developed, you will not be required to do intensive work. The only work that you will be expected to perform will be relatively minor, with 1-3 hours of work per week once the website is complete. You will be free to freelance or work for whomever you like (excluding competing ventures). This is essentially free money once your initial work is done.

    Please contact me at codywatsonATshawDOT[ca] with a portfolio (or any questions that you may have), and full understanding that you will be a partner.

    Thank you for your time in reading this message.


    Cody Watson
    Cody Watson
    Business Student @ SFU [Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management & Technology, Co-op Certificate, Honours]

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    email sent

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    I may be interested in this, could you send me more info please?

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