Hi, i'm thai. i have some domain with thai style for Appraisals.

dkub.com (Say "HELLO" by a thai man.)
dkaa.com (Say "HELLO" by a thai girl.)

zanook.com (to say "Fun" in thailand.)




and also, i have a best group for short URL for "Real Top Four" university in thailand.

Cu7.net (Chulalongkorn University)
Tu7.net (Thammasat U.)
Mu7.net (Mahidol U.)
Ku7.net (Kasetsart U.)

("7" in thailand that say "Jed". So, That can say "Jed.Net")
Please give me anyidea for this group.
ex. sale for subdomain like "engineer.cu7.net"
or sale for email like "[email protected]"

And if this group is work(with full website), Please Appraisals it.

Thanks you very much.