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    Naveed Lalani Version 2!

    I am very happy to announce that version 2 of (my personal portfolio) has been released! I only had two days to come up with the idea and implement it into a design, so there are some features I would like to put on there but couldn't. Anyways, plenty of my work is displayed in the portfolio. If you are interested in acquiring my services please email me at naveed.lalani[at] Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


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    Very nice website, very creative.

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    Thank you for your kind words.


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    props, def. have some talent, i like it much better than your first.

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    hey there dint see your fist p'folio but this one sure is decent work.

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    I like it, I hate to have sound when not chossing, it will be the only think I dont like.
    The site is creative otherwise with a style that I like.
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    Thank you for all the comments. I will be adding 6-7 more projects in my portfolio within a few weeks.


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