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    streamline net con

    Can anybody advise me
    in jan 2005 i sighed up for a 3 month trial hosting package from and agreed to there terms online which stated to cancel account send a email with account details to support.
    This i done in march. When the 3 month trial was over they have still taken my money and gave me a full account.
    When i complained they told me that they have changed there account cancel policy (which i did not know about) and its hard luck.
    do i have a case to reclaim my money and can i find there old terms online somewhere. has i feel i have been coned and you cant move the goal posts after the game has started.

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    Did they charge your card? If they did, you can do a chargeback, and cancel the account immediately.

    For now that's all I can say. I wish you the best of luck.

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    The Trial user account is free for 3 months and at any point during the 3 months can be cancelled. If the account expires it's 3 month trial then the customer will be moved onto an Unlimited user account (2 yearly) and billed accordingly."

    They are dumb enough to not know the difference between proper usage of "its" and "it's".

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    They are awful. There's a thread on these forums somewhere about my experience with them

    They are brain-dead.
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