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    Domain Question?


    I was wondering if any of you gurus could answer a quick question. I was wondering if there is a grace period for someone to reregister a domain name. I would like to buy this domain name that expired on 27April 05 per whois, but when I try to buy, it says it is already registered. Does the previous owner have so long to renew before it is available again? Does this make sense?

    Thanks all,

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    Domains that expire aren't immediately available for re-registration.

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    Re: Domain Question?

    He eSology, good answer. Man! Marines are really smart people.

    Originally posted by bigtdb
    Does this make sense?

    Thanks all,
    Sure it does. Can you imagine the hate and discontent in a system with all the procrastinators out there. It is a built in guard against domains just going away immediately without giving the owner a second chance to reclaim it.

    Frustrating for you I understand. I waited with baited breath for a domain to be released 2 months after its expiration date. I was successful in getting it ultimately. The period after it expires when it goes back into general availability seems to vary by host.
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    Thanks for the help guys! It is frustrating, because I have a couple of expired domains that I would love to steal (appropriate). I guess I will have to wait and see if the owners really are done.

    Thanks Again!

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    same here iv got like 9 domains im watching out on

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