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    Angry What can I do with this problem?

    I posted some days ago about my problem with Virtuoso Hosting. They offered Soholaunch pro in their packages and then, it is not available.

    My problem now is another one: I registered my domain with them and doing a whois, the name is registered BY THEM. It is not a free domain, it is a paid domain registered through them. If I do a Whois, the owners of the domain are them.

    What can I do with this?
    I have tried to contact the registration company ( an affiliate of them) and have had no answer. I'm not able to enter my domain control panel, either, since I signed up...

    What can I do??
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have proof you purchased the domain try calling the main registrant such as enom, godaddy etc and they will usually create an account and push the domain for you.

    They usually ask for a receipt and/or credit card or paypal statement with proof.

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    This is a reason why it is always best to register your domain name with an accredited registrar such as GoDaddy or Enom directly.

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    Alethea, Not much you can do at this point. If you want to transfer the domain in your name, then you would have to contact your host (who is now the owner) and ask them to transfer it to you. Not sure why they did this in the first place, but do read the fine print and see what you agreed to.

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    If you are not listed on the Domain Registration Information, the only thing you can do is to contact Virtuso and have them change the contact to your details. Beyond that, there is nothing really much you can do about it since to whoever the registrar is would take whichever details registered as the legal owners.

    It is best to next time register your domain name on your own and that should solve a lot of this headache.

    Although unethical some web hosts resort to registering the domain name under their name in order to lock you in to using them and prevent you from moving elsewhere. Sort of like holding your domain name on ransom.

    Some may release it if you pay an insane amount of money while others may not even consent to it.

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    If you have paid for the domain then you can ask the registrar who has registered the domain for you to change the ownership for your domain. If still they do not do this then you can free to approach ICAAN.

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    I would attempt to approach the host first and request firstly why the domain name was registered with their details, then if they could update the details to reflect the actual client data (your details).

    It could be that for some reason this particular host has decided to skip obtaining client details to pass over the domain registration process and instead substitutes the actual client details with its own, maybe this is a standard procedure for them.

    However, if you encounter issues, and the host is not willing to change the domain ownership over to you, then I would attempt some of the suggestions outlined in this thread:

    1) Contact the domain registrar yourself and inform them of the issue

    2) Contact ICAAN and see if they are willing to assist you in recovering your domain name ownership information.

    3) Anything I may have missed or suggestions made after my post

    Do be sure to read any fine print at your current host first as this may all be outlined in the terms and conditions.

    Best of luck with the recovery operation Keep us posted.
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