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    For Sale: FREEZENS.COM --> 600 First Month. Huge profits expected proceding months.

    Site URL:
    Site type:

    Complete offer, refer friends, get sent gift.

    Number of members (first month): 1,100 +

    This is a rapidly expanding site. We have recently expanded to the USA and with no advertising whatsoever we nearly have 100 members.

    Revenue so far this month has been almost 600

    This has come from TradeDoubler (304), Commission Junction (208.62!) and Affiliate Future(80) programs.

    AS you can probably see, we expect the site to at least double in size by next month, and the month after etc etc due to the way the site works. This should be refleected in the profits.

    Screenshots available to anyone wishing to see proof of commission made.

    The script comes with the sale (worth $75 + $10 "Powered By..." removal). Thr script is fully automated. It is possible to add, delete and modify offers, gifts, users, statuses and all other aspects of the design etc.

    To credit users, there are tracking codes attached to each of the URLs for the offers. It becomes obvious how to sue these once you see the script, but if you get stuck I can easily help.

    The domain comes with the sale, including
    Direct transfer is easily done, via WHM.

    We use CLICKBOOTH for the adverts on the US based site. So far the balance is low.

    I've never sold a website before, but the potential for this sale is huge. So far we have had one order for 150 paypal. It states in our TOS that we only payout when we have received payment.

    We can PAY for this gift however once the sale goes through we will not be responsible for any other orders placed (so far there are only 2 or 3 people clsoe to ordering).

    Each offer completion at the moment is worth at least 15. Ranging up to over 70 for some.

    I will start the bidding at 750 with a Buy It Now price of 5,500
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    Forgot to mention. It is a legal requirement to be registered as a company. Once the sale has gone through, we would send you all relevant forms on transferring the company so it is in your name.
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    Is this a pyramid scheme website?

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    i think it is kind of like a pyramid scheme. basically i imagine that it lends itself from the whole free ipod/psp scam where by only a small percentage of people actually complete all of the requirements necessary to attain the prize. ;-)

    but with all of the congo line type of free services now available i would also speculate that the % of ppl that complete the offers is increasing.

    good luck with the sale.
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    I'm interested in this site. Are you sure the software license allows the script to be transfered?

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    Pyramids are illegal in the UK - im not sure about anywhere else?

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    Pyramid schemes are not illegal in the UK. Look at free ipods dot com --> they also ship to the UK, as well as many other large sites.

    The script uses 2 authorization codes. It is fully transferrable. As long as you use the same domain ( then there wont be any problems. If you wish to use a different domain, I will ask tell the script author and get the new codes.

    Hope that helps,
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    I've sent you a PM so we can talk in private.

    Are all pending ipods sorted or not?

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