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    Vbulletin, PHPNuke Expert needed for conversion, update !

    I run a very large community of over 32,000 members currently using the phpnuke system.

    Url on request

    However this system is becoming extremely limited and i need to hire a guru to convert us to vbulletin with a supporting CMS frontend (vbportal ?)

    As we are a large community i need to retain as much info as possible from our database.

    It goes without saying we need to keep the users, forum messages, sigs, avatars etc.

    However it gets a little more complex as we have a custom script that we have made "hook in" to phpnuke. Its very much standalone but uses tie ins to the nuke database to validate users as well as subscription status etc.

    Likewise we have over 2000 subscribed users who have paid yearly and monthly access to this custom script through paypal using a third party script we purchased that also uses the nuke database.

    We need to keep these rights as updating by hand would be a nightmare. For a mysql/php guy it would probably be a simple matter of moving these tables over to vbulletin using their own site subscriber functions but i'll be honest enough in saying its beyond me.

    Its a big project. We need to keep the community feel and the ability to post news on the frontpage etc. If you feel you may be able to help then please get in contact with an estimated price for conversion and update (we can work out final payments later). You'll need to write a small php importer as our system is very much alive and will need updating just before we switch over. It will need extensive testing also before we decide to switch so that there are no apparant surprises.

    I only wish to speak to Genuine users who really know what they are doing and can deliver what we require. More details can be obtained via pm, msn or email if required.

    I however do not wish to employ Indian or non english speaking people i'm afraid as i really do not have the time to explain numerous times what i require.

    If you can design then that will also be a bonus and there could be more work your way.

    I require genuine input from genuine people that wish to do quality work for a site that will need regular updates both via php programming and other options. You will be noted and judged on how you respond to this offer.

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    I undertake work similar to this on a constant basis and would be more than happy to assist you.

    I am unable to send you a PM as you have less than five posts however I will e-mail you my MSN contact details. I look forward to discussing briefly this matter with you.


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    sounds good. look forward to hearing from you.

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    Email sent. Looking forward to hear from you.


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    Originally posted by HenryJ

    Email sent. Looking forward to hear from you.

    nothing recieved .. Did you send ?

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    I have send you the details by PM and EMAIL both using PM & EMAIL button one more time.

    Let me know if you recieved it or not, otherwise provide me your email here and i will send it again.

    Best Regards

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