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    Reliable, secure mailing list script

    Can anyone recommend a reliable, secure mailing list script? One of my clients is an independent record label and they have been using mailman to maintain their announce-only newsletter. They are having trouble with replies getting inadvertently sent back to the list and the subscribe/unsubscribe process in mailman confuses some users.

    I need something simple and easy to use but preferably quick. I've looked at phplist, but it seems it can take a couple of hours to send 3000 emails. This in itself isn't bad, but apparently the interface requires the user to wait for a confirmation page to load while processing, which would be.

    If anyone has any suggestions or experience with other scripts, I'd like to hear it.

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    re: reliable, secure mailing list script

    Have a look at 1-2 all from:

    very reliable, easy install, doesn`t require watching while sending, sent for me 10,000 in 1.5 hours, php mysql based, can auto handle bounces, easy subscribe / unsubscribe, etc, etc...

    I looked at lots of these proggrammes and this one came out on top.


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