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    VPS/VDS Suggestions?

    This is what I would like:
    a vps with:

    10GB space
    100GB of B/W
    Fantastico if possible
    full root access (VPS by definition...)
    unlimited domains and everything else

    preferably <20...


    P.S. is this possible?

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    I use a good one

    I use Spry... They have a special right now that would suit you.

    Please use the coupon code WHT-APR05 for a 25% discount that is good as long as your account is kept in good standing.

    Select VPS 200
    10gb disk / 256mb RAM / Un-Metered 1.5megabit Transfer
    cPanel / Plesk
    Debian 3 / Fedora Core 2 / Redhat 9 / Redhat Enterprise / Suse 9
    Normally $39.95/mo 29.95 with discount
    Pre-pay for one year for $24.97 monthly equivalent

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    not april anymore
    does it still count?

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    you should check for such things as is maybe 15$ higher than what you expect if you want to pay 30$...

    But ( which i do not recommend anymore to friends )have some vps lower than 25$ ... but they comes with no panel at all ( else you have fees )

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    I think you would be hardpressed to find a cpanel VPS for less than 20 - but there are a few providers that have them for less than 30.

    None come to mind at this time - but I'll do some hunting and see what I can come up with!
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    thank you for the replies.

    thanks HP-David, I didn't think <20 would be a viable option, but I figured it was worth asking. If you can find under 30 that would be great. You can email me at:
    webmaster [at] if you want.

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    The 25% off special has been extended through 12:00AM PST 5/2.
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    yeah...that's what i was thinking, and then don't they have to pay for <20 isn't likely, ok thanks. I can do 30 then. If possible...

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