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    Flash Header For Site

    I need a flash header done up matching this site layout:

    It should be 430 x 95 pixels or close to it. We would like it to blend in with the colors using reds, silvers, etc and try to use the gradient that is already applied to the header. It is a game/movie/music review site, so perhaps you could incorporate that and our name is JustPressPlay so perhaps you could use a play button in it also (just ideas), We're looking for something clean/professional yet eye catching and exciting.

    you can email bids and past work or mockups to [email protected] and perhaps what you would charge as well.

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    yep i could do that, but how much budget do you guys have for a start?

    Many Thanks,

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    budget isnt much of a concern, i'd like to see what bids I get and what type of work people can do. Just let me know what you would charge for the work and what ideas you have.

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    mate in about 15 mins im going to post topic with flash intros and templates and all. keep your eyes peeled.

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