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    * List of All Domains

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if there is some place on the Internet where you could access a list of all currently registered domain names ... not just the ones that are dropping. No place i have founds seems to cut it. Any suggestions out in forum land?


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    exody would be your best bet. My first question is why would you want it?

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    I am interested in starting a new business and i could use a few different websites and a good number domains. I have a few now, but most of the good dotcoms ones are taken. i'd like some inspiration for dot net's or, especially, good potential dot cn's ...

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    There are roughly 52 million domains in just the com, net, org, info, biz, and us TLDs.
    How would a list of all of those domains be at all useful?

    If you did want the list I'm sure you could contact each registry for a zone listing. But once again... How would all of that information be useful?

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    try the database

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    Didn't he explain it? I think he means he wants to compare the lists to find good unregistered .net domains from registered .com domains.

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    Kamejoko ... u got it ... that is what i meant exactly ...

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    hmm... very interesting...

    and what are you going to do with the information...

    Just kidding. That's a pretty good idea you have there.
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    If you want to compare the com's to net's then you can just contact Verisign to get a zone AXFR of those TLDs.
    Then you can write a tool that shows which are not in both lists.

    As of yesterday I believe there were 36,427,164 coms and only 5,820,797 nets. So there must be some names that are useful that are not taken.

    Best of luck finding them! :-)

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