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    css slicing

    Good day,

    I have an existing site in html/tables and wish to have it recoded in css/xshtml. It is not an easy task as several nested tables are used for layout/background colors/content and it should be done standard compatible, so someone with vast previous experience is preferred. I would require to view some complex previous works to be sure before I can allocate this task to anyone, so please keep them handy.

    There are at the moment 5 pages on it - with the same general layout and slightly different content type on the page, but as site increases in size there will be more work for whoever does this task well.

    Thanks in advance and feel free to pm/reply/email for link - I do not feel comfortable posting it here.

    Before anyone asks "why css/xhtml?" - for no other reason than to be able to say "yes, it is".
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

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    I'd like the link to the site before I say 'yes'

    There are some things that just don't work well as CSS/XHTML, and/or will require extra funds to make work


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