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    Exclamation Sendmail "Accept Email for Domain"

    I'm currently using a RaQ4 set up with three vsites. I can not get mail to "Accept Email for Domain". Please Help!

    example,dom -> 10,0,0,250
    www,example,dom -> 10,0,0,250
    10,0,0,250 -> example,dom
    example,dom ...High...Server... mail,example,dom

    Site Settings
    IPaddy: 10,0,0,250
    host: www
    domain: example,dom
    web alias: example,dom
    Email alias: mail,example,dom
    There is no "Accept Email for Domain" checkbox on RaQ4

    Mail will resolve to [email protected],examle,dom but no [email protected],dom

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    Firstly I presume that the "," are actually "."

    The settings to accept or reject domains are not at the create virtual site area but at the eMail servies option.


    Control Panel -> Services -> Email server - Parameters
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    you presume correct, the "," are ".", but since i am a new member and cannot post links i have to improvise. I have posted my parameters because I bevleave they are correct , but im probably wrong.
    MB: 100
    Relay For: 10,0,0,250, 10,0,0,251, example,dom
    Host/Dom Aliases: example.dom
    POP B4 SMTP: unchecked
    Relay Window: 2

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    Try setting something like Aliases to for the domain name and also the mail aliases.

    This should be set on your server and on your MX records set MX to point to the alises you set for your domain.
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
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    You were right i set mail alias to example.dom and voila problem = no problem :-) thanx hong

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