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    Rene Rivkin commits suicide

    FLAMBOYANT former stockbroker and convicted insider trader Rene Rivkin has been found dead at his elderly mother's Sydney home.

    His family said the 61-year-old was found in a bedroom of the Darling Point house by a family member . . .
    Continued here.

    Crikey, I am shocked.

    He got busted with some insider trading on QANTAS shares, and was diagnosed with some mental illness. I still remember his late night infomercials with him and Trevor Hendy. I used to read his stockmarket newsletter too, as my father subscribed to it. It was a good read.

    Oh well, Rene, you weren't everyone's favourite, but R.I.P. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    OMG, I am shocked too. :O

    This guy was like the rich bloke everyone dreamt to be (except for his size) he was flamboyant, rich, really good at what he did (stockmarket), and he wrote a few success books I remember reading, can't believe he did this..

    Could it be ASIC trying to push him this far. I read the news a lot and the poor bloke wasn't even allowed to shorten his sentence!! His insider trading only pocketed him like $2000, and it led to this???

    I read the newsletters, its quite a good insight into Australian companies. Maybe this death will make the judges know it wasn't FAKED and real. Many people believed all his excuses and prescription overdoes were just "made" up to keep him out of jail, the perception of "rich can get out of anything". Well guess they were wrong.

    Geeze, sometimes money and fame doesn't really bring happiness since you tend to get the other sack of problems following you (e.g. liabilitys, business worries, tax, probes).

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    R.I.P. Rene Rivkin

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    Rest in peace
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    You just never can tell.


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    Sad he had to do it his mother's house though If he is 61, she can't be no spring chicken.

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    Originally posted by anon-e-mouse
    Sad he had to do it his mother's house though If he is 61, she can't be no spring chicken.
    Yep, I tend to hope she knew of his plans. Otherwise, he was selfish as well as a crook.


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