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    Have another installation script like Fantastico?


    i try to find a free script like fantastico/installatron/easyapp but not found any script like that.

    Who know, help me please, i want a free script.

    and can used alone(don't used with CP).

    thank you.

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    Try xoops then.
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    Thank, but i mean script that can install php script in a few click.

    same function like fantastico/installatron/easyapp.

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    I doubt there is such a thing. Each control panel operates differently. This making it pretty hard to make such a universal script for mutlple operating systems and control panels.

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    You're going to have trouble finding people who are willing to put the work into making a script as advanced as what you want (not to mention control panel independant) for free...

    Good luck

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    Thanks, I't very hard to found that.

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