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    Need your advice . Budget 50 USD

    Hi All,

    This would be my first foray into VPS server. I have 2 reseller accounts for my clients. But now one of my client wants a semi-dedicated hosting, like VPS.

    The reason, why we are going for VPS, is because our site will be database intensive alongwith lots of search will be made. Although search optimization and caching tecniques are implemeted, but we feel that a semi-dedicated solutioon would be best.

    Thats why I want your suggestions and advice regarding it.

    Our budget is 50 USD/per month and we want in the range of 20GB/300 GB VPS account LAMP. Virtupzzo and whm/cpanel should be there.

    I have following names in my mind:
    1) Servint
    2) Power VPS
    3) Liquid web
    4) Burstnet
    5) hostingplex

    Although I would love to consider other providers, if you they are quite good.

    I have following considerations in my mind, while choosing a VPS:

    1) Server speed and stability
    2) Basic support all the time.
    3) Reasonable costing for special request from me.
    4) Initially they setup PHP and other server security softwares for me.
    5) A support chat is available for 24 hours.
    6) Proactive security support.
    7) Daily backup facility.

    (I am novice in linux administration , but learning fast)

    Please let me know from your valued experience how should I proceed for it and what other point should I consider while choosing a VPS provider.

    I am reading this forum for VPS intensively, but still want your guidance for this purpose.

    Many Thanks & Best Regards

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    Just be sure to research any provider thoroughly before going with them - test their support teams response time, intelligence, etc.

    As long as you do the above I think you'll come out all the better in the end.
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    Consider adding SteadfastNetworks to your list. Karl over there is great

    VPSColo has also been ok recently.

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    I'd recommend Servint for anyone looking to get started off with a VPS. Great price, great uptime, and great support. PowerVPS are also worth a look as there seems to be a lot of happy people with them, but I don't have any experience with them myself.

    Do a search for servint and powervps here and you'll find many very happy people

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    Hey Stewart,

    This is krish..remember?

    I am actually leaning towards Servint...but I would be thankful if you or somebody else could answer the following issues regarding Servint:

    1) Do they offer any 30 days Money back Guarantee?

    2) What does this Fully Managed means? Does that they will install whatever I want and help me all the time? Will I get all helps for server security hardening while they setup my VPS? I mean will they install APF firewall, mod-security for me and other related software for me?

    3) Will I get sufficient help while installing other modules of php or apache? This is very much important for me as I am novice in linux administration.

    4) Does they offer scalable service?..Like if I signup for Essential package today and want to upgrade to signature later...will it be smooth?

    I will most probably look for 1 more day, then signup.

    Any answer or insightful comments are most appreciated.

    Many Thanks & Best Regards

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    I got the answers for 1) and 4) myself. Sorry about this..should have read the FAQ at Servint in detail.

    Anyway if anyone have experience with their support, specific to 2) and 3) I would be greateful. My main confusion is about fully managed term they used. Is fully managed means everything?

    Many Thanks & Best regards

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