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    Having been with CRNC now for 3 months, I thought I'd write a little review.

    Having said that, there's little I can say except that they've been a superb dedicated server supplier. The servers are a bit more expensive than at places like EV1 or ServerMatrix, but it's a small price to pay (IMHO) for a top class service.

    James (Mr CRNC) was exceptionally helpful during the initial set up period, offering much advice and assistance to help me make the change from Linux (which is what I used at previous DCs) to FreeBSD.

    Uptime has been top notch and response to support requests is both fast and effective.

    I used to be a web host and have, in the past, had servers from EV1, ServerMatrix, LayeredTech and EZZI, but CRNC rates as the best DC I've used by quite some way.

    Just to confirm: I'm not connected to CRNC in any way other than the fact that I have a server from them, but I think it's nice - amidst the plethora of critique we often find on these boards - to include praise where it's due.

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    CRNC is a great company, I don't think I've seen one bad word against them yet
    James goes out of his way to make his customers happy!
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