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    Couples semi-adult site with quality traffic is selling ad space!

    Offering advertising on a couple's forum and sexuality site, We're NOT a porn site, but rather forums, articles and adult movie reviews. We do have links to adult content, but they are for active members only. This is a community of adults, men and women, from all aspects of life, so appropriate for many different types of advertisers. We're also a VERY well indexed site, and get crawled by many of the most popular search engines daily.

    We have top of page banners (5 max rotation), button ads or text links. All of the ads are site wide.


    Since opening on November 1st, 2004, we've had a relatively sporadic traffic level, ranging from 50 uniques/day up to nearly 800 uniques/day. The average for last month has been around 300-400/day, with some spikes from new articles and reviews being added.


    468x60 top banner slot: $5/mo (ONLY 1 slot available! - 5 total in rotation, top of all site pages and forum pages)

    88x31 static button: $5/mo (4 availiable, left side of main pages, right side in the forums)

    Text Link: $4/mo (4 availiable, left side of main site pages, right side in the forums)

    Payment is via Paypal Subscription.
    Once your susbscription is complete, please email your ad's information to [email protected]
    Your purchase will be activated within 24 hours.

    The banner spot uses phpadsnew, with weekly viewed and clickthrough reports.

    The buttons and text links will *not* be using phpadsnew, and will require you to provide any tracking you wish to have.

    Please see this link for ordering information and stats.

    Thanks for looking, and please contact me with any questions you may have!

    AIM FirestormSupport
    MSN [email protected] <-- Messenger only, no email!
    ICQ 206000501
    Yahoo firestorm_helpdesk
    Email [email protected] <-- Real email address!

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    Banners are sold out!

    buttons and text still availiable

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