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    need help /w cpanel/whm file permissions


    In my cpanel file manager, in the 'public' folder, all the files and folders have permissions set at 644 or 755, which is by default and I was told that's proper.

    But the 'public' folder is 750. Is that okay? Further, there's a bunch of other files and folders alongside 'public', and with permissions that aren't 644 or 755:

    .spamassassin 700
    .trash 700
    mail 750
    ftp 750
    public 750
    tmp 700
    www 750
    .contacemail 600
    .lastlogin 600

    These were like this when I got there. So should I leave these alone or what? (This site is purely text) Thanks!

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    You are sure it does not read public_html?

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