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    anyone here who have tried their service?

    i wana get a dedicated server to them but still considering if its better with
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    You can try to use WHT's search feature and see if you find any threads regarding those companies. If none is found, you can always try and give us a review.
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    i just got one from and its good. I tried host4you i like the technical support but not their hardware that i ordered

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    Ok, i ordered a Server I service from them but their response is very long! My Server is Down for more than 20 hours but they didn't try to correct its problem!
    They tell me that your server is affected our another servers and therefore we must turn OFF it!!!!
    Is this correct Support?
    After i requested them for correcting the problem, thet tell me for 50$/h and at least 2-4 hours!

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    moazei, what did you expect from them? You bought an unmanaged server, it is you who should correct problems, not them. If you can't manage your server, hire somebody or consider a managed solution.

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    thi is managed if you see featurs page...

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    Originally posted by moazei
    thi is managed if you see featurs page...
    No, their servers are unmanaged. The package does include some services that host4you chose to call 'managed services':

    "Free E-Mail Support (Unlimited); Free MRTG; Free Manual Reboot (Unlimited); Free OS Restore; Free Hardware Installation".

    A rather typical set for an unmanaged server.

    You can ask them to restore your OS, but don't expect them to solve your software problems free of charge.

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