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    Program/Service to call your cell phone

    Is there any program or service that can monitor a port on a dedicated server? (game server) that can notify me on my cell phone via text message, aim message, or voice message when a server goes down (port monitoring) or something?

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    My phone provider gives me an e-mail address where all e-mails
    are forwarded to my cell. I use nagios which e-mails me everytime
    a service is down.
    If your provider doesn't offers this I'm sure there are services that will
    do this for you. a google "email to sms" will give you a place to start.

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    that's the way I do it with my own server - just a simple PHP script which is set to run by a cron job from another server.

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    can you supply the php script -- I'd love to see it

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