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    Linux/Apache/Server Expert Needed for Utilization

    I'm looking for an expert in Apache/Linux to utilize a cpanel server for maximum performance.

    Requirements are as follows:

    Minimum of 100 post counts here on WHT
    Located in United States or Canada
    Available via MSN Messenger
    Some sort of a refrence (hosting website, etc.)

    I believe the safest way to do this is u type in the commands in MSN and I will type them in SSH and send back the results.

    Will pay via PayPal.

    Please reply here or PM me your information if u are interested.
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    Please contact me using methods in my signature. Thanks
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: HDomeJosh
    EMail: [email protected]

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    Utilize or Optimize.. ??

    And by sending you commands on MSN, things will take forever to get done. You may have to loosen up on this one if you want things to get done via WHT.. I guess...

    I can help but not via MSN.. we can discuss stuff on MSN.. not work thru it...


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