For anyone in need of web site development or print design, we at Connecticut-based Arctic Web Design, a 5+ year old design studio, have an opening for a new project and are excited for the opportunity to work on a web site or print item with a new client.

We specialize in web design for small businesses and organizations and emphasize in our projects clean, simple, and, most importantly, easy to use and functional design. Since 1999, we've designed about 30 web sites for mostly brick and mortar businesses in the Northeast and have also worked on an array of print projects including brochures and the like.

We are a small business and as a result only work on a few projects at a time. Since receiving some very convenient media coverage a few years ago, we have been fully booked for our design services most of the time as a result of the great press and the many referrals that have come from happy clients. This spring, however, we are happy to say that we have some extra capacity to work on another project or two -- web design, including redesigns, banner design, print design, etc.

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Arctic Web Design's Story
Just to quickly tell a little bit about us: I founded Arctic Web Design over 5 years ago...when I was 10 years old. At that point, I was the youngest licensed business owner in Connecticut, and have since designed over two dozen web sites for universities, businesses and organizations and have been featured on an ABC affiliate TV station and in a half dozen newspapers and trade publications. I'm now a high school junior and my business is still going strong.

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Please contact us via email, PM, AIM (Arctic Web Design), or by posting here.

Thank you for your time!

Tom Kaplan