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Thread: Purchasing WHM

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    Purchasing WHM

    I found a very cheap shared plan host, but I would like to turn this into a reseller. Can I just use their hosting and purchase WHM and install it into the cpanel or can only my host do that? I'm thinking only my host but I want to make sure.

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    If they have cPanel then they have WHM. It is not something that can be installed like a script, it is basically a peice of software, they just need to give you access to it, you cannot get it yourself.

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    cPanel/WHM pretty much takes over the server and therefore cannot be installed in a shared hosting enviromet. In fact, they're reccomended method of uninstalling WHM is to reinstall the operating system.
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    If they allow it, they can just switch it on for you. You'll then have access to it via another port (just like CPanel's control panel).
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    Yes, normally, your host can just tick an option, and set your rights, and there you go your a reseller !

    But if your host is a reseller himself, no you can't

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    Thank you.

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