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    How to merge several CPanel accounts to one?

    I have several CPanel accounts on one host (they are all part of a reseller really) and I want to merge them all into one shared account on another host.

    What would be the best way to go about doing this? All of the accounts are using CPanel (and the reseller one on the old host is using WHM as well.)

    Gary King

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    Hopefully these instructions give you a good idea where to start.

    #1 Order the hosting from the new company.
    #2 Add all the domains using the Add-On domain feature.
    #3 Recreate all the e-mail addresses you use.
    #4 Save all the files for each of the domains you have with the other host.
    #5 Upload these files to the respective directories at the new web host.
    #6 Make backups of all databases you have with your old host.
    #7 Recreate the databases with your new host, and make necessary changes to any configuration files which store database information.
    #8 Update your nameservers with your domain registrar.

    If the new host you are switching to is not a reseller and actually has root access, you can ask them to copy your accounts over to the their server. This is assuming you are switching from a cPanel host, to a cPanel host. The root "Web Host Manager" control panel comes with a feature to copy accounts from other servers.
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    With the transfer tool, you still need ssh access to the server you are copying from. So if your old host allows you shell access, your new host can move everything for you.

    If no shell is allowed, you can log into each one of your accounts with cpanel, and go to the backup section and download your full account. Then give those backup files to your new host and they can do the rest for you.

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    Just a note:

    After creating all the new e-mail addresses on the new host - you'll need to manually pull the previous mail content out of each specific backup and place them in the correct directories.

    If your host is doing this on your behalf - be sure to thank them as they're in for a few hours of work on your behalf!

    Be patient with them
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    I think the main process is a bit more trickier than what you guys have illustrated, but thanks for the tips! I'll try my best at this :p
    Gary King

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    That can work if all the accounts of yours are merged to one cpanel through whm of the reseller. In case you can ask your host to do that for you that will work out for you.

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    Interesting, Gary Brahmi. So I could just use the typical WHM to merge all my 5 CPanel accounts into one CPanel account?
    Gary King

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    If you have a whm then there should not be any need for you to have cpanel to manage all the accounts. You can manage all the account with whm itself. You can switch between different accounts with the help of whm, if you have one.

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