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    Question Help with music hosting/ftp solution

    I am setting up some small websites as offshoots of my own website and need to host music.

    Here are the key things:
    - traffic will on average be fairly low
    - music will be uploaded by the authors of the music (so no copyright issues)
    - need FTP access for multiple users (i.e. different username and password for each user with access to their own dedicated upload/hosting space)

    I know that lots of webhosts can provide one FTP username/password so I could host music for one website, but who/how would it work to give 20 people (or maybe even 200 people) their own login?

    All ideas appreciated

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    Check out They offer packages that will support the space/bandwidth requirements. They also offer unlimited FTp accounts.

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    Will these individuals all need access to the same area on the server or will setting up individual FTP Accounts in cPanel suffice?

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    Thanks for the info aingaran - do you have a link to page that explains about the unlimited FTP accounts? (I can't see it mentioned)

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    TSP Host - it would be best if each user had their own space and couldn't remove files added by others.

    It would also be good if we could allocate a set amount of storage per user - though I'm not sure if this will be possible.

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    At the bottom, click on the "Site Administration" link.

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, I would think you'd be able to create multiple FTP Accounts and subdomains in cPanel for your users. It would obviously be quite tedious to do manually but with a reseller account it wouldn't be hard to automate the process.

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    Okay, that sounds like a good idea.

    Do Site5 and other similar priced hosts provide adequate performance for audio streaming?

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    Who else on here is having some audio hosted somwhere?

    Have you found Site5, GoDaddy, etc good for music? Who provides good bandwidth with slowing down?

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