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    Nagios CLIENT ONLY installation?

    I have nagios set up on a server that will be the main server for Nagios & it is functioning properly (Except for an error with check_procs: Unknown argument - (null) ) ....

    But now how do you setup nagios on the other servers that you wish to monitor?

    I am using freebsd, but I haven't found any tutorials that explain this process or what ports to use.

    I'm guessing the /usr/ports/net-mgmt/nsca port.... ?

    Can someone provide a little information on the process?

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    hmm I guess you don't have to install nagios on every client if you just want to monitor ping / httpd....

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    You can make use of the nagios plugins inside :


    directory to do all kind of monitoring jobs..also there is no need to install nagios in every client boxs..
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