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    php-based IRC-bots

    Are there any hosts out there that allow the use of them? Ive been looking for a while and they all seem to have banned them

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    The problem is that you are most likely looking to webhosting providers when you should be seeking Shell hosting providers. Try as I'm pretty sure they would allow you to run one.

    A typical webhost does not allow IRC activity due to the type of attacks it attracts.
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    Very true, most web hosts and the datacenters they are in deny all irc activity
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    What kind of script are you going to use? Something that makes use of the official commercial php irc gateway functions ? Or something that incorporates an eggdrop bot or something similar?

    And yeah, most hosts do avoid irc activity due to ddos, etc.

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    The bot just uses the fsockopen(); and associated commands

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