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    Post What to do with it? And how much it is it worth?

    I recently stumbled across a fairly valuable domain name for VoIP Solutions. As you can see, it has the keyphrase inside the domain name (VoIP Solution).

    I did a quick search, and it seems that the top three overture bids for VoIP Solutions is $6.56, $6.54 and $4.05.

    There were 318,000 searches for the term VoIP Solutions in the month of March 2005 in Yahoo alone (35% marketshare).

    Is anyone familiar with that industry? I heard it was semi-new, and growing, is that true?

    How much would this domain name be worth if i were to sell it to a VoIP Provider?

    I'm planning to optimize it for the search engines and put ads/ affiliates onto it. Relatively speaking, the CPM is pretty high (compared to Loans: $3.62, $3.61 and $3.59 and web hosting: $11.60, $4.76 and $4.75)

    All info. is appreciated
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    Reg fee, domain is horrible with .biz

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