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    Does anyone know of any free instant-setup scripts other than Quicklyweb and coin and can integrate smoothly into whm? I remember seeing one a while ago called phptabs but I cannot find the site.

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    WHM Auto Pilot:

    Good luck in finding the perfect billing solution that will fit your needs and requirements.

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    as others post whenever this comes up, let me be the first in this thread to urge you to reconsider the "free" criterion and spend a little bit on what will be your billing and automation system for your company. ClientExec is my recommendation and it is affordable to begin with and they constantly have offers.
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    I agree completely with Plexi. Billing (along with support, uptime, etc) is one of the most important parts of a hosting business. I would also urge you to go ahead and save up some money and purchase a billing system such as WHM Autopilot or ClientExec. They are both easy to set up and integrate into your site.

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    You won't find many good free billing managers really. Try doing a search using 'free billing managers' or other combinations, and see if that helps.
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    If anyone is interested, I could give you a Client Exec license for about $9 per month.
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    As mentioned, is it worth putting your reputation & business on the line (I guess this is for your own business?) by relying on free software for such a critical area?

    Take a look at the features offered by:


    A slight blow to your wallet is always worth it in the end, compared to what could happen if your free software falls over... These systems, that I and others have listed, also help you to look professional.

    Hope this helps

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