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    What do I lose with a host service?

    I have FreeBSD, Apache, Postgresql on my server in my basement to learn on. I have some code I've developed in C for handling customer transactions. When I'm ready to go live and decide to use a hosting service, what capabilities will I lose, if any, if I go with a shared server?

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    Capabilities you lose - any custom handling at the system level you may be using. This may or may not be transferable to a shared server. You may need to recompile your programs due to the specifics of the server and compilers are not always available on shared servers.

    Note you will have to chose your host carefully if you want FreeBSD/PostgreSQL as the vast majority seem to be using Linux/MySQL and they are sufficiently different as to require learning a few more things. If you can afford it, and are comfortable managing your own server, colocation or a dedicated server might be a viable option for you.
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    Pretty much what NyteOwl said -- you lose control over what you run and what versions you run. Another option would be a VPS. You have less control than dedicated (it will be some version of Linux on a kernel they choose), but you can still pick the software you need.
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