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    CPU questions....

    I have a few questions...

    1. Will an AMD Athlon 64 throttle if I'd ever had the heatsink removed or unplugged? or will it shut off abruptly

    2. is there a clock frequency measurement thing just like the one used in Tom's Hardware when their P4 throttled?

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    Its really unpredictable what will happen (regardless of the CPU manufacturer).

    Probably :

    1. Computer would turn on for about 2 seconds
    2. If the BIOS has a temperature safeguard, it would kick in and turn off the computer.
    3. If the BIOS doesn't have such a check (or its disabled), the computer will turn off and the CPU would become unusable.

    You can get such clock information (and other processor information) by using a free utility called cpuid. Google for the download location.
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    once I installed a new heatsink and i installed it wrong ...the temperature safeguards kicked in after it got to 75C.

    about number 3......I thought that only happened to the older AMD Athlons.

    I'm pretty sure that Intel are equipped with throttling these dayz....I have Intel Northwood.

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    the last Athlon 32's and teh newer 64's have foldback when they overheat iirc. Full specs at
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