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    Admin companies vs Webdev companies

    There seems to be many server admin companies like Rack911, rfxnetworks, etc but not as many php/web development companies that offer the same level of work.

    Everyone that is offering php or web development work seems to be individuals and not companies lurking about in the request forum.

    Am I missing something and are there any good development companies with long, establish track records that do work on a monthly basis?


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    linux-tech and sheps company does php development i believe.
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    I think generally the problem is large design/development firms focus on the local market where the profit margins are generally nicer. It's less stressful to not deal with the cut-throat crowds that offer development services online, as, especially we in the United States, simply cannot compete on price with those in countries with much lower cost of living.

    Effort to Reward ratio is simply too low (generally) to spend time soliciting online.

    IMHO anyway
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    That's true about local vs internet on web dev stuff.

    I get whole lot of easier the price/decent price when working with locals.

    In the net people expect you to work for free, when you go for local, meet the buyer face to face, they expect a good service and are willing to pay for it.

    I look now and then online for web dev jobs, but very often reject those because of the price they expect. It's just way too low.

    You want to get developers salary times 1.6 plus profit margin, online most people expect to pay a little under developer's salary, and lightning fast development *sigh*
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    Greetings: is a company (vs. a single individual) that provides PHP and various development work.

    Thank you.
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