the domain names profiel.nu and profiel.tv are for sale
expirie date: 01-Feb-2006
starting offer: 100 euro/domain
domain names are sold separate from each other
increasing the offer has to be done whit 5 euro
auction ends 1 week after highest offer or when someone offer the buy-now price
you can pay using the following methods: bank transfer (to an european account)/paypal/moneybookers/other methods only if I accept them, you have to pay any fees
there are no stats
no site is included
they are also for sale on an other forum, i will update this thread whitin 24 houres after an offer on an other forum or on PM or e-mail
Buy-now: 200 euro/domain
I look to the times to see who was the first person whit a certain offer
when you have any questions: just ask (Dutch/English/German)