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    Buy One Plan, Get One Free + 50% Bonus if changing hosts

    Hi there,

    We are currently offering a 2 for 1 special on all Shared/Personal & Reseller hosting plans for WHT users.

    Simply enter WHT in our 'Referred By' field (on our order page) and you will receive two plans for the price of one, for the duration of your account with us.

    The plans can be used separately by you, transferred or combined into one larger plan, the choice is yours

    All Personal Shared plans include:
    cPanel 10 (Pro)
    Fantastico Deluxe

    All Reseller Plans include:
    WHM 10
    cPanel 10 (Pro)
    Fantastico Deluxe
    Personalised Nameservers (2 IPs)

    Changing Hosts? Bonus
    1. We'll transfer your websites free of charge from any cpanel server.
    2. We'll give you an additional 50% Space and 50% Bandwidth free of charge, on any plan chosen.

    For more information and to order please visit
    Shared | Reseller | Virtuozzo VPS

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    does this offer include virtual hosting plans?

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    Originally posted by BoggeRs
    does this offer include virtual hosting plans?
    Sorry, the two for one special does not apply to the VPS plans. However, we will provide Reseller One free of charge with any Managed-VPS plan purchased using Paypal.
    Shared | Reseller | Virtuozzo VPS

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